We are living through a time unlike any in modern history. COVID-19 is changing the way even our most mundane activities are done, especially the weekly tasks that we undertake in our everyday lives.

At Cents, we’ve seen our customers and our partners support their communities people get their laundry done safely, affordably, and reliably. Over the last month, we’ve collaborated with our laundromat customers, using our technology, to help launch new initiatives to improve their customers experiences.

For those who cannot offer vended laundry

Contactless Laundry

As a result of state city, state, and nationwide shutdowns, many laundromats no longer able to allow customers to use self serve in-store. In conjunction with our laundromat customers, we have developed a system that enables curb-side laundry pickup via mobile tablets and bluetooth powered by Cents. It is our mission to not just support laundromat owners and operators, but also their customers. In these uncertain times, having clean clothes should not be a concern.

Our team is committed to offering our technology for laundromats who need support today. We are dropping implementation fees, providing 24/7 support, and phone set up at no cost, and are doing everything we can to enable laundromats to launch contactless and new initiatives to support the evolving needs and requirements during COVID-19. For more information or to request a demo, click here.


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